Ternion of Livingston

Building Communities, Nations, and Lives

Ternion of Livingston, LLC provides an array of commercial, industrial and residential construction services.  Our global system Alliance offers a vast selection of competitive building resources providing optimal benefit to our clients.  These partnerships, coupled with an in-house capacity for general contracting, construction, project and program management, and our central management design, minimize operational costs and bring additional benefit to our clients.

We strive to maintain continuous quality improvement in all that we do, resulting in our goal of ranking among the world's premier commercial/industrial firms in customer and employee   satisfaction.  We recognize that our strength and our competitive advantage is -- and always will be - community and corporate partnerships.  We endeavor to continually learn and share ideas and knowledge, and we encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in our company.  We support and are dedicated to educational enhancement of our youth, and the development of a strong and skilled work force in the southern region and throughout the United States.